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VTAC Long Range Sling

The VTAC Long Range Sling is brought to you as a partnership between Special Operations Combat Veteran, Kyle Lamb and 5.11 Tactical Series.  Kyle is one of the most credible and sought-after shooting and tactics instructors in the country and his designs have been proven on the field of battle.  The VTAC Long Range Sling is designed for the long range marksman.  A separate cuff is attached to your bicep on your support side and then attached to the cuff with a snap shackle that allows quick release.  By adjusting the sling length with the cam-lock you can create a stable shooting platform in a variety of shooting positions.  The VTAC Long Range Sling gives you great flexibility in tactical situations and provides a VTAC Long Range Sling that can be used for stable shooting when you need it. 

You can depend on 5.11 Tactical Series to bring you the most effective designs in tactical gear.  Our gear is battle proven by the best operators out there



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VTAC Long Range Sling Description:

  • High impact plastic slides
  • Heavy duty nylon
  • High impact clips
  • Quick-detach buckle
  • Bicep cuff
  • Cam-lock