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Rocky Women's 5105 Plain Toe Chukka

Ladies we understand that you may work in a traditional “man’s world”, but you still want to own boots that are made to fit the feet of a woman. TheRocky Women’s 5” TMC Postal Approved Chukka Duty Boot (style #5105) were thought up and constructed for a woman, instead of just trying to give you a man’s boot and call it a day.

When your job calls for US Postal Approved SR (Slip-Resistant), Berry Compliant (Made in USA) footwear, this Chukka 5” TMC (Technology Made Comfortable) boot is ready for duty.

The #5105 Rocky boots are made to be slip-resistant and durable, which are great aspects of the footwear to get you through your job with ease.

Like its companion Men’s 5” chukka (#5005), this boot is made of top-quality materials in Rocky’s own factory, so you know exactly where your boot is coming from. The upper of the boot is constructed from polishable, full-grain, water-resistant leather. The leather upper and PU sole are permanently fused together (by the direct injection process), which results in a super-strong bond that is also lighter and more flexiblethan conventional constructions.

padded collar has been added for comfort. Along with a padded leather tongue that has been added to provide additional comfort, and to be able to STOP dirt and debris from getting anywhere near the top of your boots.

The #5105 TMC Postal Approved boots have Rocky’s exclusive, -yet removable- extra thick PU Rocky Airport footbed to cushion your steps. For those hot summer days when you are so hot that you want to go sit in a kiddy pool with your clothes on, you will be happy that the #5105 duty boots are equipped with the Air Flow design and will keep your feet cool and comfortable.

To be able to keep odor, mold, fungus, and mildew at bay, an AEGIS Microbe Shield® has been applied to the Airport footbed covering.

In order to give you further support, a non-metallic stabilizer has been added. Our own slip and oil resistant TMC Direct Attached TPU/PU outsole is also there to give you stability and flexibility.

Unleash your secret weapon… your pair of Rocky Women’s TMC Postal Approved Chukka Duty Boots.


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▪Made in the USA, Berry Compliant
▪Aegis Microbe Shield Applied to Airport Footbed
▪Full-Grain Water-Resistant Polishable Leather
▪Non-Metallic Stabilizer
▪Slip and Oil Resistant TMC Direct Attach TPU/PU outsole for Stability and Flexibility