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Revolution Holster Series

5.11 Tactical and Blade-Tec have partnered together to bring you the Revolution™ line of holsters.  Using a proprietary blend of polymers, we’ve engineered these holsters to offer lifetime performance in a wide range of conditions. 

Our special slick-surface polymer won’t wear the finish of your hand-gun like leather holsters.  The Revolution™ Holsters offer comfort, adjustability, and easy access to your firearm with an adjustable, level one retention system.  Your handgun seats into the holsters with a positive audible ‘click’.  You can adjust the level of retention with two Phillips screws on the exterior side of the holsters. 

The Revolution™ Holsters accommodate 30 different firearms.  Be sure to select the correct holsters for your handgun.

The makeup of our proprietary polymer gives our holsters a much higher temperature tolerance than other injection molded holsters.  Other holsters deform or even melt at lower temperatures than the 5.11 Tactical Revolution™ holsters which are stable at temperatures of over 300º F.  These holsters are designed to last a lifetime and will provide you superior service in any and all conditions.

The Revolution™ Holsters includes an adjustable belt-loop for belt widths from 1-1/4” to 2-1/4” along with a paddle that can be adjusted for cant (vertical, FBI or muzzle-forward).  Two Phillips screws are located on the exterior of the holsters for adjusting retention.  The proprietary blend of polymers provides a molded holsters that won’t melt or become brittle in extreme temperatures.

Comfortable holsters are an absolute necessity when carrying a firearm for long periods of time.  Designed to fit you and your handgun, the Revolution™ Holsters are extremely comfortable.  Each Revolution™ Holsters comes with an adjustable belt-loop system which adjusts for both width and cant.  The holsters can accommodate belt widths from 1-1/4” to 2-1/4”.  The adjustable cant will carry your handgun in a vertical, FBI or muzzle-forward position.  Our Revolution™ Holsters are specifically designed to fit your firearm accommodating 30 different firearms


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Revolution Holster Series Description:

  • Proprietary blend of polymers
  • Won’t soften in extreme temperatures
  • Slick-surface polymer won’t wear the gun finish
  • Level One retention
  • Retention screws
  • Adjustable belt loop (fits 1-1/4” to 2-1/4” belts)
  • Paddle can be adjusted for cant
  • RHS – Right Hand Side