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Mace/Light Pouch

The 5.11 Back-up Belt System™ is a unique system which provides secure storage of gear in many compatible garments made by 5.11 Tactical Series®.  The Mace/Light Pouch is specifically designed to carry a mace canister or flashlight and keep it in place even under the most vigorous activities.  The Mace/Light Pouch has a hook-side Velcro® backing which secures to the loop-side Velcro® backing found in many 5.11 Tactical Series® garments including jackets, TDU and uniform pants, and vests.  This unique system can be adjusted to fit in an unlimited number of positions and angles for quick access to necessary gear.

Made of tough nylon with reinforced backing, the Back-up Belt System™ Mace/Light Pouch can be placed in compatible 5.11 garments to secure a mace canister or flashlight for quick access. The backing of the pouch includes a stiffener, which helps to keeps a mace canister or flashlight secure even during vigorous activities.

The Back-up Belt System™ Mace/Light Pouch is an exceptional value at only $9.95


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Mace/Light  Pouch Description:

  • Heavy duty nylon
  • Pouch features a hook-side Velcro® backing
  • Attaches to compatible 5.11 garments
  • Mace/Light Pouch to secure mace canister or flashlight
  • Proprietary Back-up Belt System™