Fechheimer - Rib-Knit 70% Piltrol/30% Wool


GH ProX - Level II

GH LiteX - Body Armor - Level II & Level IIIA

The LITEX series provides superior protection and increased trauma performance with a focus on "wearability" - a mixture of weight, thickness, flexibility and other factors - that results in a vest that you will want to wear.  The LITEX series checks all the boxes.


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*  Certified to NIJ Standard-0101.06

*  Hybrid designs featuring Twaron, Goldflex and Kevlar for greater comfort and flexibility.

*  Available in male and structured female designs.

*  Special-threat tested (see website for complete list)

*  GH's exclusively patented ProTect internal ballistic desiccant system with increased moisture            management for durability of performance

*  Water-resistant ballistic panel cover with heat-sealed seams for extra protection

*  Lightweight polyester carrier with moisture wicking, anti-microbial mesh

*  Front and rear 5x8"/8x10" dual trauma plate pockets (female 5x8" only)

*  Removable 6- and 4- point strap kit for multiple configurations.  

Please call for pricing.  Item is restricted to Law Enforcement.  Must send a copy of your official picture identification card via fax 203-394- 6615 or email to: