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Breaching System - Heavy Breaching Kit (50268)

Breaching System - Active Patrol Breaching Kit (50267)

 5.11 Active Patrol Breaching Kit is comprised of the MultiSledge and the Multipry Entry Tools ideal for opening windows, wooden, steel, and security doors both inward and outward in duty or emergency situations. Both tools are conveniently carried in a nylon stowage case for easy storage and access.

 This new type of breaching method was realized by the team from S.E.T. allows public safety personnel to breach inward and outward opening security doors with maximum stealth and speed while minimizing exposure.

Two leading team members from a Swedish Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) came together to create S.E.T. after finding that their current tools weren´t up to the task of breaching high-level security doors.

Lars has been the lead Breacher and Instructor on the full-time Swedish HRT team since 1998. A respected trainer in all forms of breaching; from mechanical, hydraulic to explosive, Lars has trained many of the best known tactical teams in Europe. Patrik is a former HRT team leader with a background as a engineer. By combining Patrik´s knowledge as an engineer with Lars experience in breaching techniques, S.E.T. has perfected a faster, safer and more effective mechanical breaching system, available exclusively from 5.11 Tactical.

If you are member of a police, fire or rescue unit and are interested in our tools, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our tools will be used properly if we provide instruction, therefore 5.11 breaching tools are sold as a system, the product and training go hand in hand. Making sure you will enter a door instantly when every second counts.


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