5.11 Praetorian 2 - Insulated Leather Glove


Single Gun 36" Case

5.11 Station Grip Glove

Station Grip Glove

By partnering with Ironclad Performance Wear®, 5.11 Tactical® gloves set new standards for dexterity, fit, and durability and provide you with gloves you can depend on. Our commitment to functional innovation and unparalleled quality, combined with Ironclad’s dedication to superior fit and tactility, means you can trust our gloves as you navigate through the day’s challenges.
Whether you’re drawing a sidearm or patting down a perp, 5.11 gloves, Built Tough by Ironclad®, answer the call.

Our economical Station Grip glove helps you perform a variety of tasks with great dexterity and comfort.  To provide excellent fit, our knit back panel stretches in four directions to move with your hands, maintaining protection and dexterity at all times.  The reinforced palm and fingers are flexible and tough but promote a high level of tactility while protecting your hand from abrasion and rough work.  The Station Grip is washable and dries fast so feel free to use it for even the dirtiest jobs.  The ID tag on the stretch cuff with Velcro closure ensures your buddies will not appropriate your new gloves.  Whether you use them on or off duty, the Station Grip will become one of your favorite pieces of hand protection.


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  • Perfect for Everyday Wear
  • Four-Way Stretch Back Panel
  • Reinforced Palm and Fingers
  • Padded Knuckles
  • Dries Fast and Retains Shape
  • Elastic Wrist Closure
  • ID tag on Pull Tab