5.11 Rapid Excursion Pack


5.11 Recon Graphic T

5.11 Recon Ankle Sox

A quick and easy sock engineered to mesh perfectly with all 5.11 low profile footwear, the RECON Ankle Sock is crafted from a specially engineered proprietary fabric that combines comfort, pliability, compression, and enhanced resilience. Five independent cushioning zones ensure lasting wearability and mobility while preventing chaffing or blisters. Moisture wicking action and high breathability keep you cool, comfortable, and focused all day long.

 Men's S/M = 5-9

Men's L/XL = 10-13


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  • Moisture wicking comfort
  • Highly breathable
  • Five zones of cushioning


  • Proprietary high performance fabric
  • Tab top prevents sliding or bunching

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