5.11 Valiant Duty Jacket


5.11 Responder Hi-Vis Parka - Men's

5.11 5 Point Breakaway High-Vis Vest

Breakaway High-Vis Vest

  • Reinforced badge tab and radio mic loops
  • 6 breakaway points
  • Independently certified ANSI/ISEA 207-2006
  • Imported.

Our new Breakaway High-Vis Vest is designed to been seen in the toughest of conditions.  This vest also meets current standards for public safety workers within the right-of-way on Federal-aid highways.

Featuring 6 breakaway points for easy access to a duty belt and provide a higher level of identification through removable panels marked with Police, Sheriff, Fire or EMS.  The breakaway points are constructed on the front center, back center, right front, right rear, left front and left rear.

Finally, this vest was independently certified by ANSI/ISEA


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